Getting older is an unavoidable fact of life, but four senior friends have decided to age together in a shared home together and are finding it to be a lot of fun. The 3,400-square-foot home in downtown Port Perry, Ontario, is equipped with wider doorways, a ramped porch, stairwell treads, and even an elevator for the four senior friends, aged 65 to 71.


The four women each paid $250,000 for their share of costs and spend approximately $1,500 a month on living expenses in their home. Shared common areas such as the living room and kitchen (where they take turns cooking) offer ample space to socialise, while private bathrooms and bedrooms offer the opportunity for independent living.


Although each woman had to downsize to avoid storing duplicate items, the benefits have been great.“We have two Keurigs!” one inhabitant exclaimed.

All inhabitants cited sharing expenses on a fixed budget as one of the main reasons for splitting accommodations; however, companionship and safety were also leading reasons as well.

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