Most people are aware of the global bee crisis, but few know what to solve it, as well as the other issues affecting our insect population. Luckily, a small city in Iowa is taking the lead to help bees and other pollinators rebound. 


Cedar Rapids is a small city in Iowa, yet it has made big steps to help local pollinators. Cedar Rapids will seed nearly 200 acres with a special pollinator plant mix to encourage bee habitation, with the eventual goal of creating a 1,000-acre pollinator haven.


This initiative was formed in partnership with the Monarch Research Project (MRP), whose goal is to restore monarch butterfly populations. By securing state and other various funding partners, Cedar Rapids hopes to secure the pollinators paradise for five years or more.

As a result of population and agricultural growth, almost all of Iowa’s native habitat has been lost. Thankfully, Iowans are looking for ways to reintroduce natural spaces back into their landscape and to support all the creatures who rely on it.  

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