Most adults have witnessed (or at least seen photos of) the recent Women’s marches around the world. As it turns out, some boys were also watching and taking home the right message. 

The St. John the Apostle’s fifth grade Catholic Youth Organization basketball team was given quite the dilemma two weeks ago: finish their season as a boys’ team or forfeit if they chose to remain co-ed. This came as quite the shock as the team had already been playing with female teammates for the last four years.

“One parent told me it’s my decision [whether the girls play], but I said, ‘No way. I’m not making this decision for eleven 10-year-olds,’” St. John’s coach Rob Martel told ESPN. The team, when given the options, chanted “Unity” as a means of reinforcing their decision.


In a world where women are still at a disadvantage, in some areas, it’s nice to see young gentlemen stand up for their female team members and friends.

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