A North West Territories SPCA dog knew it was love at first bite, of treat that is. Ted, a healthy but nervous 2-year-old dog arrived at the Northwest Territories SPCA in Yellowknife last Friday.


Abbey, a kennel worker, saw his unease when they met during her shift Saturday morning. Her first attempt to bond with Ted over a walk was unsuccessful.


Luckily for Abbey and Ted, Abbey tried again to bond with timid Ted, by feeding him some cheese-flavoured bacon strips. Ted immediately took to Abbey over the gracious offer of a snack. The next day Abbey returned home from work to find a dog sitting on her deck, Ted had escaped the SPCA and journeyed approximately 5.5 kilometres to Abbey’s house to find his sweet treater.

“It’s just, it’s the weirdest, the most amazing thing that’s ever happened,” said Abbey, who is now proceeding to adopt Ted. Snappy News Inspiring wishes all the best to Ted and his new owner.

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