A man is in the doghouse after sending his sick dog flowers instead of his wife. Debbie Cardone’s husband works overseas and sporadically sends her flowers, so when she recently received some, she thought it was a thoughtful thank-you from her husband for taking such good care of their sick dog, Sebastian.


Upon reading the flower’s note she discovered her mistake. The note said: “Sebastian. Feel better, you’ll be back in the game very soon. Love Daddy,”.


Cardone was especially annoyed as Sebastian, the 10-year-old English Bulldog, needed constant care and attention from her after his recent surgery.

According to Cardone, the flowers were well-received by the dog, “….Sebastian really enjoyed them,” she said of their 10-year-old English bulldog. The photos of the dog’s beautiful bouquet of roses have received more than 500 retweets since being posted by Cardone’s daughter.

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