Massoud Hassani was a smart child who made all kinds of toys and mastered technical skills at a very young age. However, growing up in the outskirts of Kabul, he was surrounded by desert landings that were littered with land mines, often causing injuries to local children.


Gratefully, this inspired Hassani to build the Mine Kafon. The Mine Kafon is a wind-powered device with bamboo legs attached to a solid iron centre. Weighing approximately 80 kg, it mimics the weight of an average person and is heavy enough to trip land mines as it rolls across the ground.  


The Mine Kafon contains a GPS to map where it has been and where detonations have occurred. Priced at approximately $60 USD, each Mine Kafon can endure up to 4 detonations. 

Mine Kafon can be shipped across the world and is faster, safer, and cheaper than traditional land mine locating techniques. Communities close to land mines can now live more safely because of Hassani’s ingenuity.

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