He may be small and full of snorts, but don’t let the flat-face fool you! Hercules is ready to help his human dad fight crime at a moment’s notice, unless he’s busy sleeping, of course.


The Rochester Police Department recently welcomed its newest unofficial K-9 member, Hercules the pug.  “Introducing the Rochester Police Department’s new K-9: Hercules,” the New Hampshire Department’s Facebook page announced recently.


Hercules boasts skills such as being able to “aggressively hunt down any loose treats that may be in the vicinity” and sleeping “all day no matter what the weather may be”, says his human dad, a Rochester officer named Geoff Moore. Despite all of Hercules’s talents, we are told he is vulnerable to belly rubs and definitely does not enjoy running. 

Although not officially a part of Rochester’s police division, Hercules is the personal pet of Officer Geoff Moore and his fiancee and we assume that he keeps himself busy protecting them in between naps.

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