Losing a loved one is never easy, but now Canadian residents have a new option for an eco-friendly burial. For the first time in Canada, residents can become part of a living reef off the coast of British Columbia.


This option has been popular for over a decade in California. However, it took Kevin Owens, director of Living Reef Memorial Canada, about 8 months of paperwork to bring it to Canadians.


Cremated remains are placed into a mold “consisting of seashells, low alkaline cement, sand, and the human remains themselves,” explained Owens. It is then made into an artificial reef and placed in the ocean. Once placed, molds create an artificial habitat for marine life, like alga, fish and even otters, among other creatures.

Deployment sites vary but are around Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands, Bowen Island, and Semiahmoo Bay. With prices starting at approximately $600 and the option to be placed with loved ones, the Living Reef Memorial may soon be a popular choice among Canadians.

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