When Krista McPhee approached her husband, John McPhee, about an igloo project made with milk cartons, John promised to do it if she collected all the cartons. John assumed she wouldn’t be able to or would move onto the next project before he’d have to follow through. 


Thanks to social media, Krista gathered 500 two-litre cartons in 10 days. True to his word, John started building. He began with a template out of plywood to use as a guide. Frozen “bricks” of water with food colouring in it made a perfect outer shell for the igloo.


Unfortunately, the weather didn’t always cooperate, so the project took approximately 120 hours total. “This was the first time I’d ever wished for cold weather,” John McPhee said.

So if you’re in Slave Lake, Alberta this winter, say hello to the McPhee family; their house is the one with the large, coloured igloo in the front.

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