Louis is definitely not an ordinary bird.  Born on a chicken farm, he was originally mistaken for a hen, a blessing considering the fact that most baby roosters are slaughtered. Later, the farmer’s children took a liking to Louis and his whole world changed.


Louis couldn’t compete with other birds for food because of his legs were deformed. Feeling bad for the bird, the children convinced their parents to send Louis to Sali’s Farm in Langley, British Columbia, a farm for special animals. It is a non-profit organization that connects child victims of abuse, violence and neglect with a variety of trained therapy animals. 


Since his arrival in 2015, Louis has been given the best care for his mobility issues. Despite best efforts, however, all treatments ultimately failed to give Louis the proper use of his legs. As a final resort, Sali’s Farm operators have now given Louis his very own mesh wheelchair.

Since receiving the wheelchair, Louis is a happy, mobile rooster that enjoys socializing and greeting visitors at Sali’s Farm. Many people have commented that it takes a special bird to be a therapy animal. In this case, it seems that after receiving his own help from the caring staff at Sali’s Farm, Louis now is gratefully repaying the favor to at-risk children in need. 

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