When you’re born a bit early, you need all the help you can get. A hospital in England has gotten creative to meet the needs of it’s smallest patients with some help from crocheted octopus friends.


Poole Hospital in Dorset, England, announced that many of its preemie infants were seeing beneficial effects from embracing crocheted octopus. The idea seems to have originated from “The Octo Project” in Denmark.


It is believed the crocheted octopus give comfort and companionship to the babes, allowing them to be calmer and thrive more successfully. Equally, the octopus’ arms resemble the preemie’s umbilical cord from their time in utero, which also seems to have a calming effect.

Originally, the hospital shared the pattern for the octopus and requested donations for its preemies. Thankfully, they have now received over 200 of the crocheted toys and are no longer seeking more.

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