Regardless of your opinion on US President Trump, you have to appreciate the creativity of the Redfern Family who staged a Women’s March in their home using their 4-year-old daughter’s dolls.


The young family considered bringing their 4-year-old daughter to the protests in Washington but decided to host their own protest from home instead. Creatively, they invited their daughter’s dolls to their at-home march to teach their daughter about her right to protest.


Wonder Woman, Tiana, Cinderella, Supergirl and Poison Ivy were all in attendance at the Redfern’s home march. The signs the superheroes were holding were crafted by the adults and designed to match to each character’s backstory.  The Redfern’s also participated in the sign-making after discussing the purpose of the march with her parents.

Please note: this story contains adult language.

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