Your Facebook feed, like mine, is probably littered with negative news. Mass shootings, political strife and boycotts are now daily events, it seems. Luckily, I have the top “20 Good News Stories You May Have Missed in the Last Year” attached to this article.


I won’t ruin the surprise, but two of my favourite animals are officially off the Endangered Species List (ESL), with a third animal making huge steps in the same direction. China has banned two environmentally harmful activities and our ocean’s plastic garbage is becoming less of a concern.


Medical research has made great strides also: eradicating measles from an entire continent, taking a huge step towards helping ALS patients and developing a vaccine for ebola. Equally, with world hunger and HIV rates dropping we can all celebrate healthier, happier populations. These are just a few of the items from this list of 20 achievements.

We here at Snappy News Inspiring may not be able to turn your newsfeed to 100% positive news, but we’ll try to remind you every day that good things are happening and that you may just not hear about them as much as some headlines.

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